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Director of Market Expansion



Sales & Business Development
United States
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023
As the Director of Market Expansion, you will have the critical task of leading the evaluation and implementation of go-to-market (GTM) strategies across various global markets. You will guide our expansion efforts, conduct comprehensive TAM/SAM/SOM and ROI analyses, and prioritize vertical, regional, and country-specific market entry strategies. Your hands-on role will involve directly influencing strategic development, data analysis, and team leadership, making it crucial to Sitetracker's success and expansion.


  • Develop and implement GTM requirements and strategies for SiteTracker's products and services for targeted expansion in various verticals and geographic markets.
  • Establish verticalization strategies and consider the applicability of these strategies across different regions and market segments (SMB, Enterprise, etc.).
  • Conduct comprehensive TAM/SAM/SOM and ROI analyses to evaluate market potential and profitability of strategic initiatives in various verticals and geographies. Identify near to medium term target logo list in priority markets.
  • Prioritize and strategize market entry based on opportunity, risk, and level of investment to align with corporate development objectives.
  • Evaluate market readiness across verticals and geographies, identify potential barriers to success, and propose solutions to overcome them. Barriers may include but are not limited to: compliance, proof points, software features, localization, legal, subject matter expertise, or local staffing.
  • Monitor industry trends, competitor strategies, and market changes globally to ensure SiteTracker maintains a competitive edge.
  • Collaborate with sales, marketing, service, and product teams to align strategic initiatives and optimize market penetration in targeted geos and verticals.
  • Present data-driven insights and strategic recommendations to executive leadership.
  • Collaborate hands on with internal and external contacts to explore, prioritize, implement and validate targeted expansion strategies.

Within 90 days you will:

  • Understand and Adapt: Fully immerse yourself in Sitetracker's culture, values, and products. Develop an understanding of our current market presence, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Analyze and Strategize: Begin conducting in-depth TAM/SAM/SOM and ROI analyses to understand potential markets and develop preliminary strategies for entry into new geographies and verticals.
  • Collaborate and Communicate: Establish strong relationships with various internal teams, including sales, marketing, service, and product teams, to ensure alignment in the company’s expansion strategies.
  • Leadership Onboarding: Onboard with the leadership team to align on strategic goals and to start developing an action plan based on market analyses and company objectives. Provide a framework to align on and drive future investment decisions.

Within 180 days you will:

  • Develop and Implement Strategies: Formulate detailed go-to-market (GTM) strategies for identified potential markets and initiate the implementation of these strategies.
  • Solution Designing: Address potential barriers in targeted markets and devise practical solutions to overcome them, possibly involving new feature developments or partnerships.
  • Cross-functional Initiatives: Lead cross-functional initiatives aimed at enhancing SiteTracker’s penetration in new verticals and/or geographic markets.

Within 365 days you will:

  • Market Entry and Expansion: Successfully guide Sitetracker's entry into new markets, with initial target account plans, cross-functional alignment, and governance to ensure plans are reported on and adjusted as needed.
  • Results Presentation: Present a comprehensive report to the executive leadership on the performance and outcomes of the expansion strategies implemented, backed with data-driven insights and learnings.
  • Sustain and Grow: Establish a sustainable process for continuous market evaluation and strategy adjustment, fostering a cycle of growth and adaptation for Sitetracker in the global market.
  • Company Enablement: Develop and mentor team members in preparing the ground for future leadership in market expansion. Collaborate with marketing, sales enablement and others to ensure company is prepared to win in targeted markets.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or related field; MBA or other relevant graduate degree preferred.
  • 7+ years of experience in a similar role, with at least 3 years in a position working with senior management, preferably within the B2B SaaS industry.
  • Strong expertise in market analysis, segmentation methodologies, GTM strategies, verticalization efforts, and geographic market prioritization.
  • Demonstrated experience in TAM/SAM/SOM and ROI analysis across different geographies.
  • Proven hands-on strategic development and data analysis skills.
  • Exceptional analytical, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to influence at executive levels.
  • Proficiency in excel and analytics tools.
  • Proven track record of leading cross-functional initiatives
About Sitetracker
Sitetracker was founded ten years ago with the singular focus of solving a problem that was first recognized within the telecommunications industry; how to effectively manage the volume, variety, and velocity of critical infrastructure projects needed to meet the demand of expanding wireless and cellular service. That problem has become even more pronounced due to the eventual explosion of 5G. Being able to effectively deploy infrastructure is going to be the differentiator between leading telecommunication providers.
However, over the years, we realized that this challenge isn’t localized to telecommunications – it’s pervasive nearly everywhere and has reached an inflection point. Utilities (such as gas and electric services), smart cities, and alternative energy all face similar challenges. Sitetracker is the only full-lifecycle project management platform suited to support these companies and address these challenges.
We are exceptionally proud of the company we’ve built (we were recently recognized as the #2 place to work in San Francisco, as well as one of the top places to work in the entire United States). Our people are extraordinary and we’re continuing to invest in our people-first culture.