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Senior Product Designer



Product, Design
Austin, TX, USA
Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2023
The Opportunity
At Sitetracker, we are in the process of reinventing our product from the ground up.
We're looking for a Senior Product Designer who can lead design within their product area, and take on a leadership role within the wider design team.
As a Designer at Sitetracker, you will own a vertical/product area along with the other members of your scrum team trio: a Product Manager and Tech Lead. Together, you are involved in decisions from day one through launch. Through this collaboration, your work will have a direct, and immediate impact on improving Sitetracker’s software and thereby accelerating infrastructure for renewable energy and telecom around the world.
As a Senior Designer, you will take significant leadership on your projects from start to finish. You will have great latitude to identify opportunities, formulate research and design plans, execute on those plans, and to support dev to a finished product. You will also take a leadership role within the design team, leveraging your strengths and passion to advance best practices across the other designers.
For this role, we need someone who has a deep drive to understand complex problems, who finds creative ways to learn the users’ needs and experiences, who finds creative and elegant solutions to those problems – and who can bring their team and the wider organization with them on that journey. We need someone who is organized, proactive, and extremely communicative.

The Skill Set:

  • Keen curiosity and critical thinking to ensure that we are choosing the most important problems to solve, and understanding the problem from many perspectives (user first and foremost – but also business, dev constraints, etc)
  • UX research experience to uncover needs and nuances that the users themselves may not be aware of (bonus points for experience in B2B SaaS and/or infrastructure/energy /telecom industries)
  • You would have between 6-8 years of UX Design Experience, enabling you to plan and execute on the entire design lifecycle, from ideation to execution. This includes information architecture, workflows, wireframes, and other helpful activities
  • Visual design skills to create a clear, usable, spacious user interface, while growing a healthy design system (bonus points for experience with Salesforce Lightning Design System)
  • Proactive work management skills to manage multiple projects and negotiate competing priorities with product and engineering peers. Ability to work independently when necessary, involve colleagues where necessary, and keep stakeholders updated
  • Strong communication ability to connect with colleagues distributed across North America, building relationships, initiating and focusing discussions, communicating design decisions and conducting design activities and workshops
  • Experience with modern design and workflow tools like Figma, Miro, Coda, Maze, and Confluence/Jira

Within 60 Days, You'll:

  • Understand Sitetracker’s tools, the problems we solve, and the people we solve them for
  • Be able to articulate the value Sitetracker provides our customers and across various market segments
  • Complete your own audit of you product area and identify areas of improvement
  • Lead brainstorming and early feature discovery sessions with your product and engineering peers
  • Design and iterate on ideas with product managers and stakeholders
  • Conduct usability testing and research sessions with your product peer
  • Create final designs
  • Familiarize yourself with Salesforce Lightning Design System

Within 180 Days, You'll:

  • Stay involved in the development of a feature from conceptualization to code-complete. Ship a new product to all of our customers
  • Become a trusted partner for your product peer, and our customers
  • Build relationships within our company and with our customers
  • Start formulating user and customer personas for your space
  • Collaborate on improving our design and product processes
  • Contribute to our young design system

Within 365 Days, You'll:

  • Become the most vocal advocate for our customers in your product segment
  • Document best practices and educate your team, and the company as to what they are
  • Drive efficiencies in the team by understanding the business needs and engineering constraints
  • Define design standards you’ve implemented in your product area to help scale our designs
  • Drive the product roadmap by actively participating in every phase of the product development cycle
  • Understand application of new technologies to support business processes and overall user experience
About Sitetracker
Sitetracker was founded ten years ago with the singular focus of solving a problem that was first recognized within the telecommunications industry; how to effectively manage the volume, variety, and velocity of critical infrastructure projects needed to meet the demand of expanding wireless and cellular service. That problem has become even more pronounced due to the eventual explosion of 5G. Being able to effectively deploy infrastructure is going to be the differentiator between leading telecommunication providers.
However, over the years, we realized that this challenge isn’t localized to telecommunications – it’s pervasive nearly everywhere and has reached an inflection point. Utilities (such as gas and electric services), smart cities, and alternative energy all face similar challenges. Sitetracker is the only full-lifecycle project management platform suited to support these companies and address these challenges.
We are exceptionally proud of the company we’ve built (we were recently recognized as the #2 place to work in San Francisco, as well as one of the top places to work in the entire United States). Our people are extraordinary and we’re continuing to invest in our people-first culture.