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Energy Impact Partners

Senior Salesforce Engineer (EDS)



Sales & Business Development
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Thursday, March 9, 2023
The Opportunity
As a Senior Salesforce Engineer, you will join one of our feature delivery teams working to deliver new product functionality and customer requested enhancements leveraging the Salesforce technology stack. You will have the opportunity to work as part of a dynamic and highly collaborative team that is focused on delivering the best experience for our customers. You will be working with our cloud-based software, which is implemented on the platform. Implemented on the platform, you will use technologies such as Apex, LWC, Aura, Visualforce, React, etc.
Utilizing your great communication skills, you will deliver scalable solutions that are adapted in various verticals such as telecom, energy, utilities, etc. You will establish relationships with customers, product managers, and fellow teams to ensure you can translate requirements into exceptional products. You should have a passion for writing clean code, leveraging design patterns, authoring robust unit tests, and a detailed focus for thoroughly testing your solutions.

The Skill Set:

  • Provide extensive custom development using, working with Apex classes, triggers, components, VisualForce pages, and SOQL
  • Ability to apply knowledge of modern Javascript frameworks (LWC, React, Angular, Vue, etc.) into the Salesforce domain
  • Deep knowledge on how to write Apex REST Services and consume Salesforce Platform APIs (ex. REST, Metadata, UI, Tooling)
  • Knowledgeable in continuous integration (Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.) and Git (Github, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Leverage knowledge of Salesforce limits to work around blockers
  • Contribute know-how of advanced system administration and configuration (Objects, Reports, Dashboards, Flow, Approval Processes, Workflow Rules, Security and Permissions)
  • Ability or Interest to lead a delivery team, including training sessions, standups, mentoring, and provide issue resolution
  • Deep focus on the area they own, identifying technical debt and optimizing the system continuously.
  • Ability to translate the business requirements of customers into technical architecture and relay the requirements to other team members
  • Ability to estimate effort towards building a solution and balance polish and speed effectively
  • Ability to work directly with customers to understand use cases and collect feedback
  • Utilize computer science fundamentals and background
  • Focus rigidly on delivering quality solutions by thoroughly testing code prior to handing over to QA, write unit tests, and exercise best practices such as TDD
  • Serve as a member of a agile team and be able to take part in all of the associated processes and cadences
  • Adapt a pixel-perfect mockup into a functioning solution
  • Write modular, reusable, and scalable code

Within 60 Days, You'll:

  • Become an expert in the functionality and codebase of several modules across the Sitetracker product
  • Complete your Development Plan and be fully ramped on our technology stack and established design patterns
  • Be a consulted contributor as part of one of our delivery teams
  • Deliver several enhancements and bug fixes
  • Know the ins and outs of the Sitetracker product offering as well as how to build and extend the functionality
  • Begin working with other senior developers to architect solutions for our customers
  • Know the development best practices and begin to help junior developers with questions about development practices
  • Work with junior and senior developers to perform code reviews that follow Sitetracker coding standards
  • Work with your manager to learn our deployment process

Within 180 Days, You'll:

  • Have built and shipped large modules
  • Serve as a technical expert for modules and features built during requirement and design sessions
  • Collaborate with external teams to debug issues raised by customers
  • Volunteer on initiatives that advanced Sitetracker’s developer efficiency and best practices
  • Use your expertise to identify technical debt and deliver an action plan to resolve it
  • Take part in customers meetings to gather requirements, understand use cases, and be able to explain your solutions in a simplified non technical way
  • Architect End-to-End Solutions
  • Written clean, scalable code with solutions that results in features adopted and loved by customers
  • Serve as subject matter export to other teams for features that you have developed

Within 365 Days, You'll:

  • Mentor junior and mid-level developers on development practices
  • Drive efficiencies in the team by being an advocate for process/coding standard improvement
  • Define standards for new technologies
  • Develop large scale modules in a generic way so that we can extend and enhance the Sitetracker offering
  • Lead engineering initiatives within the team that are focused on continuous improvement or leveraging new technology that significantly enhances efficiency, quality, or the user experience
  • Develop strong industry expertise in the industries we serve to better inform the software you develop
  • Serve as a primary subject matter expert for other teams in several areas of the application that you were not directly a part of
  • Have established strong bonds with your team members that ensures efficient completion and building of features that our customers love
About Sitetracker
Sitetracker was founded ten years ago with the singular focus of solving a problem that was first recognized within the telecommunications industry; how to effectively manage the volume, variety, and velocity of critical infrastructure projects needed to meet the demand of expanding wireless and cellular service. That problem has become even more pronounced due to the eventual explosion of 5G. Being able to effectively deploy infrastructure is going to be the differentiator between leading telecommunication providers.
However, over the years, we realized that this challenge isn’t localized to telecommunications – it’s pervasive nearly everywhere and has reached an inflection point. Utilities (such as gas and electric services), smart cities, and alternative energy all face similar challenges. Sitetracker is the only full-lifecycle project management platform suited to support these companies and address these challenges.
We are exceptionally proud of the company we’ve built (we were recently recognized as the #2 place to work in San Francisco, as well as one of the top places to work in the entire United States). Our people are extraordinary and we’re continuing to invest in our people-first culture.