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Hardware Development Engineer, Ring



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Taipei City, Taiwan
Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Ring is looking for a Hardware Development Engineer who will be a part of our global electrical engineering team, playing a critical role in ensuring the highest product quality standards and driving continuous improvement for the products. Development of full devices requires in system level design for SoC platform, Memory, Sensors, Power Architecture, and related peripheral function while integrating with technologies like radar, cameras, WiFi, 4G LTE, etc.
You must be responsive, flexible and able to succeed within a fast-paced environment. You are expected to represent as a hardware design and validation owner and dive deep into the difficult problem for the root cause analysis and arrange appropriated solution for it.

Key job responsibilities
* Hands on for circuit design, review, build and verification
* Develop and implement detailed validation plans tailored to specific hardware designs
* Collaborate with design and production teams to understand and test against product requirements
* Analyze and interpret data from validation tests, offering insights and recommendations
* Design document validation processes, findings, and insights in a structured and clear manner
* Component specification study and component validation
* Oversee and plan the use of validation equipment to guarantee consistent results
* Work cross-functionally to troubleshoot and address any hardware issues identified during validation
* Second source qualification, cost down design validation and manufacturing efficiencies
* Support new product introduction and Sustaining engineering
* Develop and contribute in testing automation

A day in the life
As a member of the hardware engineering team you will own next-generation product design and validation, delights our customers with best quality. You will interact with an versatile team of engineers to design, develop, validate, and launch products at large scale. This is a fast-paced, intellectually challenging position. You will work with experts in multiple technology areas. You have high standards for yourself and everyone you work with. You will be constantly looking for ways to improve performance, quality, and cost.

About the team
We’re a friendly team, always eager to bring new and exciting ideas to the table. Our drive pushed us to always aim higher, we’re not afraid to think outside the box. Though we may have our debates, once we decide on something, we all stand by it firmly, we have backbone, disagree and commit. And we always insist for the highest standard. In our team, every voice matters, and every effort counts.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Hsinchu City, TPE, TWN | Taipei, TPE, TWN


- * Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering
- * 5+ years experience of hardware design and validation of components, subsystems and systems
- * Experience with consumer device hardware schematic , sensor components and related circuits design
- * Experience with PCB layout, stackup, and materials as well as connectors and cables
- * Knowledge of EE CAD design tools: Orcad Capture, Allegro, etc.
- * Knowledge of thermal, audio and camera design and validation
- * Basic Knowledge of FW operation, MCU structure, Flash Programming, GPIO settings
- * Knowledge of standard hardware bus characteristics, including RS-232, I2C, SPI, MIPI, USB, SDIO, DDR, PCI-E


- * Experience with building high volume consumer IoT products.
- * Experience with Battery Powered hardware design and validation
- * Experience with test strategy design for automated functional and system testing
- * Experience using scripting languages, such as Matlab or Python
- * Experience with system level SI/PI analysis and PCB PDN design
- * Knowledge of standard high speed hardware bus characteristics, including MIPI, USB, DDR, PCI-E, etc.
- * Experience with design and simulation tools, such as HSpice, ADS, SigSim, SIwave, PowerSI, PowerDC
- * Experience with High Bandwidth scope, BERT, Logic Analyzer, VNA and TDR measurements