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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

About Quantela:

We are a technology company that offers outcomes business models. We empower our customers with the right digital infrastructure to deliver greater economic, social, and environmental outcomes for their constituents.

When the company was founded in 2015, we specialized in smart cities technology alone. Today, working with cities and towns; utilities, and public venues, our team of 280+ experts offer a vast array of outcomes business models through technologies like digital advertising, smart lighting, smart traffic, and digitized citizen services.

We pride ourselves on our agility, innovation, and passion to use technology for a higher purpose. Unlike other technology companies, we tailor our offerings (what we can digitize) and the business model (how we partner with our customer to deliver that digitization) to drive measurable impact where our customers need it most. Over the last several months alone, we have served customers to deliver outcomes like increased medical response times to save lives; reduced traffic congestion to keep cities moving and created new revenue streams to tackle societal issues like homelessness.

We are headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts in the United States with offices across Europe, and Asia.

The company has been recognized with the World Economic Forum's 'Technology Pioneers' award in 2019 and CRN's IoT Innovation Award in 2020.

Job summary:

The Head of Human Resources for a soon to be unicorn with over 400 employees across 3 continents is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for all aspects of the organization's human resources functions on a global scale and support the executive leadership in achieving business goals. This role entails driving HR initiatives that align with the company's overall business objectives and fostering a positive organizational culture. The Global Head of HR will oversee global talent acquisition, organization culture, employee development, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and compliance across all regions and subsidiaries.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute a global HR strategy in alignment with the company's mission, vision, and business goals.
  • Lead and manage a diverse HR team, providing guidance, mentorship, and support to ensure effective HR operations worldwide.
  • Collaborate with senior leadership to identify and address HR needs that drive organizational growth and success.
  • Oversee global talent acquisition efforts, including employer branding, recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes to attract and retain top-tier talent.
  • Drive employee development initiatives, including training, performance management, and succession planning.
  • Manage compensation and benefits programs to ensure competitive and equitable reward structures.
  • Promote positive employee relations by addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, and fostering a healthy and inclusive work environment.
  • Front end mergers and acquisitions from a HR perspective
  • Be the culture custodian of the organization by defining and delivering the culture charter for the year
  • Ensure compliance with labour laws, regulations, and HR best practices in all global locations.
  • Implement HR metrics and analytics to assess and improve HR processes and inform strategic decisions.
  • Drive diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to create a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture.

Required Qualifications:

  • Master's degree in Human Resources from a reputed institute.
  • Proven experience (typically 12-15 years) in progressively responsible HR leadership roles, including global HR management.
  • Strong understanding of start-up culture and prior experience in similar scale growth companies subject to rapidly changing business needs is a must
  • Strong understanding of global HR practices, labour laws, and regulations.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to align HR initiatives with business goals.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing HR strategies that drive organizational growth and success.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.