Energy Impact Partners
Energy Impact Partners

Strategic Partnership Manager - Climate Tech US



Sales & Business Development
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023

Job Description

As a Strategic Partnership Manager at Greenly, you'll take center stage in driving our revenue growth by cultivating a dynamic network of partners 🤝 within the specific US 🇺🇸 region. This role is particularly significant at this juncture, as the United States is poised to contribute significantly to Greenly's expansion 🚀

Your core responsibility will be to foster engagement among active partners, enabling us to meet our global objectives. This entails ensuring their comprehensive training 📚 to effectively refer or resell Greenly's offerings, keeping them well-informed about our evolving services, and aligning incentives to achieve mutual success 🏆. You will also have a pivotal role in representing Greenly 🌱 at events and spearheading business development efforts to establish connections with strategic partners.

Join us 🤗 in this dynamic role and play a key part 🔑 in driving both Greenly's and the US region's growth trajectory. Your strategic vision and partnership expertise will be the driving force behind our shared success 🎯

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Activation and Engagement of Partner Portfolio:

* Lead the charge in activating and nurturing relationships with our partner portfolio to drive their involvement and contribution to our revenue goals.

* Set a quarterly and yearly revenue target and work closely with your partner network to deliver tangible results that align with our strategic objectives.

  1. Business Development:

* Take the initiative to pinpoint strategic partners, crafting campaigns, and representing Greenly at industry trade shows to proactively expand and diversify your partner pipeline.

* Utilize your outreach skills to forge connections with potential partners, cultivating relationships that empower Greenly's growth.

  1. Continuous Collaboration:

* Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including Sales, Marketing, and Product, to synchronize partner strategies with overarching business goals.