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User Education Technical Writer - Aerospace & Defense Group (Fixed Term Contract)

Clevest Solutions

Clevest Solutions

Marketing & Communications, IT
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

Company Description

IFS is a billion-dollar revenue company with 6000+ employees on all continents. Our leading AI technology is the backbone of our award-winning enterprise software solutions, enabling our customers to be their best when it really matters–at the Moment of Service™. Our commitment to internal AI adoption has allowed us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our colleagues can unlock their creativity and productivity, and our solutions are always cutting-edge.

At IFS, we’re flexible, we’re innovative, and we’re focused not only on how we can engage with our customers but on how we can make a real change and have a worldwide impact. We help solve some of society’s greatest challenges, fostering a better future through our agility, collaboration, and trust.

We celebrate diversity and understand our responsibility to reflect the diverse world we work in. We are committed to promoting an inclusive workforce that fully represents the many different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints of our customers, our partners, and our communities. As a truly international company serving people from around the globe, we realize that our success is tantamount to the respect we have for those different points of view.

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to be part of a global, diverse environment; you will be joining a winning team with a commitment to sustainability; and a company where we get things done so that you can make a positive impact on the world.

We’re looking for innovative and original thinkers to work in an environment where you can #MakeYourMoment so that we can help others make theirs. With the power of our AI-driven solutions, we empower our team to change the status quo and make a real difference.

If you want to change the status quo, we’ll help you make your moment. Join Team Purple. Join IFS.

Job Description

At IFS, a User Education (UE) Technical Writer & Content Developer will:

  • As the UI is developed, write and review field descriptions, messages, labels, etc. Think about the workflows and advocate for design that reduces the need for UE content.
  • Analyze development epics and stories and identify both the information and information formats required for audience success. Some deliverables are pre-defined, while others require your judgement and expertise.
  • Create installation, administration, API, release, and user documentation, business process models, videos, slide decks, product screen shots, and exam questions for our training academy.
  • On teams where you are not the exclusive content creator, contribute your expertise in planning the UE work, review content to ensure quality, and monitor deliverables.
  • Monitor customer forums and questions. Update relevant UE content if warranted.
  • Contribute your ideas for better UE approaches, processes, and technologies. We are on a journey to create a stellar user education experience.

Use your skills to enable audiences to adopt and use our solutions as painlessly and rapidly as possible.

Who is your audience?

In this position you will work with teams delivering Aviation and Defense solutions:

  • Planners, engineers, technicians, and all the other roles involved in aviation maintenance
  • IT roles that install, configure, and administer solutions
  • IFS presales, marketing, and partners

Who will you work with?

  • Agile development teams- developers, quality engineers, interaction designers, program managers
  • Solution architects, product support, product management, product marketing
  • User education community on company-wide initiatives and process improvements

What tools will you work with?

We are updating our vision for user education so there’ll be new tools to go with interesting new deliverables. Today, we’re using:

  • JIRA
  • Markdown, HTML editor Microsoft ExpressionWeb, 2c8 Modeling Tool
  • Git, Sourcetree, Bitbucket
  • Camtasia
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, SharePoint, and other Office tools


What are we looking for from you?

  • A user experience mind-set
  • Ability to create clear, concise, structured content including documentation and videos
  • Ability to engage with different stakeholders, teams, and team processes to achieve the desired UE goals and deliverables
  • Flexibility to adjust some working hours to overlap with colleagues in other time zones
  • A college or university degree in Technical Communication (or a related discipline with relevant writing experience)
  • Experience creating help content for customer audiences

Additional Information

We believe that coming together as a community, in person, is important for innovation, connection and fostering a sense of belonging. Our roles have the right balance of remote and in-office working to enable flexibility for managing your life along with ensuring a real connection with your colleagues and the broader IFS community.